Here is a little puzzle, to warm up:

What do you see on this picture?



the wrong answer is:  a dog

 Whoever replied with " Kromfohrlaender ! " scored 100 Points!



Whoever lives with a Kromfohrlaender knows: they are not only dogs, but Kromis. The rather unconventional Breed Description tries to explain, why this is so.

There are many different dog breeds and each of them has their own features.

What makes our Kromfohrlaender so special is their big hearts. One not only has a dog at his side, but a soul mate .
Kromfohrlaender connect very closely  to their people and they usually seek out within a family their "single/only one " family member", which is wonderful for the elected one but hard for the rest of the family.


The Kromfohrlaender needs a person who is ready for such a symbiosis, they are not for all people, but for a person who wants a close fit together with a " dog " .

The Kromfohrlaender  gives away his heart "with skin and hair ," he deserves a counterpart , who can deal with this large sensitivity.

The breeding of Kromfohrlaenders can not be tackled with 08 /15 Dog Wisdom, pet training with Kromfohrlaender experience are rare and it takes a lot of tact to train/raise a purebred  Kromfohrlaender .

The foundations for raising a Kromfohrlaender:
Loving consistency in leadership is essential and the knowledge, that pressure can not be used with Kromfohrlaender, 

Much heard  buzzwords like " he just has to get through it", " they will deal with this amongst themselves, just let them be"  or " they must know who's the boss"  are fatal in raising and training other breeds, and with a Kromfohrlaender you will definitely fail with such an attitude.

In the course of growing up, the vast majority of Kromfohrlaender make another huge step in their character formation . Many who were previously very open and have often liked to play with other dogs, are closing themselves in now and prefer to have their rest . It is a breeds own " aloofness " - towards dogs as well as humans.

The Kromfohrlaender makes it very easy for you at the beginning/start of training . He reads your every desire from watching you and in puppy training and in young dogs course is he the "star". He can very quickly do everything that's required of him - until, yes, until puberty ...

Then very often the previously described " aloofness " shows, and coupled with the breed 's anxiety and uncertainty, one has either a dog who will shy away in many respects, or a daredevil who hopes that he can impress his counterpart with his posturing .. .
Then it is important to be able to draw on the foundation of basic obedience and the Kromfohrlaender must be able to rely on the guidance of his people . He needs clear guidelines so that he can orient himself on it.
What constitutes a four-legged friend, is the essence.
Because it's coexistence is based on that .

The other key data, for the sake of completeness, that need to be said about Kromfohrlaender are:

The Kromfohrlaender has an average size, according to the breed standard 38-46 cm, and is brown / white spotted.
In the Kromfohrlaender breed there are three known  hair variations: wire-hair, long and short. Why the VRK has only prescribed the wire-haired breed, you can read at this point (article with link is coming soon).

The Kromfohrlaender has no interest in hunting and loves to be by your side in all of your favorite activities. Whether you are reading on a book sitting on the sofa or wandering through the forest.
The main thing is: just to be there!

The Kromfohrlaender is a very intelligent dog that needs, next to the full physical activity, also the mental activity in order to be satisfied.

The subject "health of the breed " is a vast field. The reasons for the crossbreeding of the VRK lay in the large inbreeding of the breed and thereby related high rates of disease as well as problems in their nature.

You realize the Kromfohrlaender is not a breed like any another, this breed has special needs and needs people on his side who are sensitive, but still stand firm with both feet on the ground so that they can give their Kromi good support and strong foothold.

In all the trouble that this breed shows - diseases, care problems, small gene pool and within the breed various clubs and groups that often work against each other rather than with each other for the good of the breed :

The Kromfohrlaender are worth it, if you are committed to them and address the problems that the breed  has.


Anyone who has ever lived together with a Kromfohrlaender,  knows what is being talked about, why it is said :

once Kromfohrlaender - always Kromfohrlaender!


It is a gift, to be able to walk through life with a Kromfohrlaender by your side.

It's hard to put into words how the Kromfohrlaender showers its owner with affection and love. It is an extraordinary breed - you have to experience to understand it …



Translated by
Ilka McGrady