crossbreeding - why?



When dealing closer with the Kromfohrländer race, you cannot deny that this race is affected by numerous genetic diseases, which definitively are NOT just individual cases .




This is due to an initially very small gene pool .


The Kromfohrländer race is based on only three dogs. In the world of cynology, this is an exceptional situation !




The Kromfohrländer race is based on inbreeding and the consequences from that fact are clearly visible today. The high degree of inbreeding affects character and health of the Kromfohrländer , two fields that need to be addressed.




Amongst others, the following diseases have become manifested in the Kromfohrländer race:


  • epilepsy


  • hereditary cataract ( congenital cataract)


  • digital hyperkeratosis , also named "corny feet"

            (a cornification disorder of pads)


  • elbow dysplasia


  • patella luxation (dislocation)


  • cystinuria


  • numerous autoimmune diseases

            (amongst others SLO (symmetrical lupoid onychodystrophy),
            hemolytic anemia, arthritis,
von Willebrand and bullosa


The degree of relationship within the Kromfohrländer breed is very close and taking the above background knowledge in mind, it has become increasingly difficult to find suitable breeding partner.


The breeding goal should be a healthy Kromfohrländer with a friendly character - a pious hope and according to the current state of the Kromfohrländer pedigree breeding an illusion ... Sorry ...




The breeder has to assume full responsibility for his breeding results, also towards the buyers of the puppies.


With purebred puppies, the responsibility weighs heavily on the shoulders of the breeder, the disease rate within the Kromfohrländer race is that high that about every 3rd Kromfohrländer is affected.




A way had to be found to enhance the gene pool again and thus be able to achieve a healthier population in the long term. The wonderful Kromfohrländer breed must be maintained!




The only way is the "cross-breeding"  of phenotypic dogs. Means that visually similar dogs of other breeds, or matching mongrels are mated with a Kromfohrländer to get fresh blood back into the race.



Which dogs are suitable for the crossbreeding project ?


Since the VRK is committed to the original, wire-haired Kromfohrländer, exclusively such wire-haired dogs are used in the VRK breeding project.


Most of the purebred, bearded dogs have a hunting instinct, which is unwanted. That is why also suitable hybrids are used .




Only dogs with a friendly and reliable character and without hunting instinct are allowed for breeding in the VRK cross-breeding project.






The  VRK principle is:




Breeding based on health , wire-hair and character !









article written by VRK, Verein für Rauhaarige Kromfohrländer e.V.

translation in english by: Anja Wir - thanks a lot!