Character problems

Breeding based on health, character and wired hair -
that is what the VRK stands for.


In addition to improving the health and giving strict attention to the wire-hair, being of good temperament is enormously important to the VRK.
In the breed standard of the Kromfohrlaender it says:

"Behavior / character (nature):
Adaptable, teachable and spirited, (this does not make sense-to foreign persons reluctant companion) and house dog with low hunting instinct. Aggression and anxiety are not desirable."

The reality often reveals a picture of the Kromfohrlaender, which gives off a view of a more difficult dog to raise.
The definition of "to foreign persons reluctant“ is often taken as a license to take the reasons for the difficulties that the own Kromfohrlaender has with strangers as "breed type". The reluctance is written in the standard, that's why it is fine. However, this reluctance is one of the points which people need to keep an eye on.
Aggressive and overly shy Kromfohrlaender are unfortunately also not unheard of.
In the breed description of the VRK, the sensitive nature of Kromfohrlaender already has been dealt with - it is accompanied by behaviors that you can very often see in thoroughbred Kromfohrlaendern.
Within this breed it is typical that many of the problems listed below occur only, in respectively, after puberty.

Out of the loving, nice and friendly pooch will become a "problem dog " ....
What does the problem behavior look like?

  • Uncertainty, and this results in anxiety and very often the Kromfohrlaender does react with anxiety-motivated aggression, both within species as well as to humans (biting, snapping)


  • Problems on a leash - "macho " and " bitch "


  • Deficits in social behavior with other dogs of the same sex


  • No large load capacity, the dog "breaks" at the slightest provocation, also reacts physically to stress


  • The touching of a Kromfohrlaender by a stranger is not possible. Thereby, for example, Vet visits are very difficult


  • Total fixation on a person - if that one person is absent, the Kromfohrlaender has tremendous stress, and  care by a stranger is almost impossible.


  • strong territorial behavior, visits are undesirable

In VRK we place value on
excellent temperament of our dogs.

In our club only dogs are in the breed,
which have an excellent nature are welcome

We want:

  • confident, harmonious and balanced dogs that are open to both humans and dogs.


  • Dogs, that are on one hand sensitive, yet tough and closely connected to us dog owners to share our everyday lives.


  • to be able to lead a life with our dogs, which allows us to have a relaxed and / or neutral dog encounters with other dogs, to be able to receive visitor at home when WE want and not when the dog is grudgingly accepting it  (in the truest sense of the word).


  • to be able to do vet visits easily, hassle free and without a muzzle.

That's why the breeding in the VRK with well-tempered and open dogs is a given. 

Translated by
Ilka McGrady